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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Circus Vargas - Dutchess

ShowMe Elephants recently discussed the beginnings of the Circus Vargas-owned elephant herd under owner Cliff Vargas and elephant trainer Wally Ross.

The 1974 Circus Vargas herd featured a herd of nine ( including an African and a male ) in its second year of owning, rather than leasing, elephants.

Colonel, Koora and unknown w/ Wally Ross
Courtesy of Buckles Woodcock

The first five elephants, acquired in 1973, were acquired from Gene Holter of California - Minnie, Colonel Joe, Shirley, Virginia ( renamed Lottie ? ) and Judy. Four more animals were acquired the following year - Hattie, Trixie, Koora and Dutchess.