Narrating the correlation of elephants as related to their import, groupings, breeding and transfers,
along with other elephant related topics.


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The son of an elephant trainer, elephant record keeping has always been a great hobby of mine. Several years ago I became affiliated with Dan Koehl, creator of, the largest elephant database online. I created ShowMe Elephants with the intention of publishing my research on groups of elephants in zoos, circuses and the private sector related through their import, groupings and transfers. The ultimate goal is the most complete and comprehensive records possible to synchronize records and collaborate with, the North American Regional Studbooks for both the African and Asian elephants, with other facilities, enthusiasts and elephant researchers as well.

Updates will not be provided regularly, but rather when a full narration has been completed following extensive research on a single or a group of elephants. ShowMe Elephants is merely a display of my collaboration with and a means of publication for my research. It does not reflect the opinions or views of the site. The official discussion group for can be found at the Elephant Encyclopedia on Facebook. In addition, ShowMe Elephants will make all efforts to provide a neutral stance regarding elephants in captivity. Facts, records and deductive reasoning will provide the basis for writing; opinions will not be included.

Please comment with any ideas, suggestions, and positive as well as negative feedback. I eagerly anticipate associating with new individuals with an interest or history in elephants, elephant history and elephant record keeping. Please note that slanderous comments will not be accepted.

Ryan Easley