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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bernstein Park Zoo

The Bernstein Park Zoo, fomerly located in Monroe, Louisiana, was shut down in 1967 for renovation. It reopened as the Louisiana Purchase Zoo.

A November 1969 news article states the Bernstein Park's elephant died recently. No further information is found regarding the identity or history of this animal. A 1963 news article describes the Elephant House as a "recent development." The 1969 article also references a new elephant is slated to arrive to replace its predesser. Information is only available on two elephants for this facility prior to the discovery of this news article - Michelle and Shirley.

The female Asian elephant Michelle is listed in the North American Regional Studbook for the Asian Elephant with a death date of ~1975. The Murray Hill records compilation lists a more accurate date of July 1974 due to severe arthritis. No further information is available regarding the history of this elephant.

Shirley's history is well-documented from her arrival to the Al G. Kelly-Miller Bros. Circus in 1954 to her eventual retirement to the Louisiana Purchase Zoo in 1977 and relocation to The Elephant Sanctuary in 1999 where she resides to this day.

Shirley w/ keeper Solomon James
Louisiana Purchase Zoo

Further information is sought regarding Michelle and her predecessor.

>> Monroe Morning World 12/29/1963
>> Monroe Star 11/12/1969

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