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Friday, May 9, 2014

Rudy Bros. Circus 1973

The following photos, taken by James Cole, were taken on Rudy Bros. Circus in 1973 in Boston, Massachusetts. Pictured are Eloise Berchtold in Ring 3, Morgan Berry in Center Ring and ( believed to be ) Judy Jacobs in Ring 1.

Morgan Berry's infamous all-male elephant act at this time consisted of Teak, Thai, Tunga, Buddah and Ranchipur. He owned another male Asian Sahib who, per the North American Regional Studbook for the Asian Elephant, was on loan to Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon, for a ride contract. His female Asian Abbey / Me Thai was leased to Hartzell Bros. Circus per the recent research of Bob Cline.

The African elephanrs worked by Eloise, also owned by Berry, consisted of two females and a male - Owala, Shambi and Durga.

The presumed Jacobs elephants would be Dolly and Dumbo. Tina died the previous year in Canada. Peggy was purchased the following month from DR Miller's Carson & Barnes Circus.

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