Narrating the correlation of elephants as related to their import, groupings, breeding and transfers,
along with other elephant related topics.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Erie Zoo - Tom Boy

Wayne Jackson recently submitted a photo to ShowMe Elephants looking to identify the animal and facility. With the help of former Erie Zoo elephant keeper Kris Hopkins, the photo was identified as Shani of the Erie Zoo. A multiple part series featuring the elephant history of the Erie Zoo will begin, with many animals needing further information to complete their stories.

>> "Erie Zoo" at ShowMe Elephants

According to Erie Zoo spokesman Scott Mitchell, former Erie radio personality Barry Grossman once made the profound observation, "Erie people often identify their generation by the elephant at the zoo at the time they were growing up."

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Smokey Jones

Circus Fans Association of America
CFA offers you an opportunity interact with fellow circus enthusiasts in many ways. Local geographic groups (called TENTS) provide a chance for folks who live in the same geographic area to attend shows together and to meet to discuss the circus scene. State organizations (called TOPS) organize larger gatherings and special events. Periodically, there is a national convention when Fans from throughout the country convene. //Don Covington, CFA President 2012-2013

Circus Report 09/13/1993