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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pennsylvania Elephant Confiscation

A news article published in September 2000 documents the confiscation of an elephant by the United States Department of Agriculture from Jim Stephens, owner of Water Wheel Exotics, Inc.

Photo Courtesy of Pittsburgh Post Gazette, 09/04/2000

This "traveling wildlife menagerie" was based near Washington, Pennsylvania. No further information is given about this animal - species, name, age, gender - only "an elephant."

Jim Stephens previously owned the female African elephant Chupa, purchased by Chuck Pankow in 1992 and renamed Kiba.

Photo Courtesy of Pittsburgh Press, 02/08/1989

Further information regarding the identity of the reported "confiscated elephant" is sought.

1 comment:

  1. Radar,
    Wow, news to me. I was always under the assumption Hawthorns Delhi was the first confiscation.

    Wade Burck


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