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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

St. Louis Zoo / Audubon Zoo

A fascinating news clip in an August 1977 Circus Report documents the transfer of two elephants from New Orlean's Audubon Park Zoo to the St. Louis Zoo.

Circus Report 08/22/1977, p. 13

The Studbook lists both elephants, but states both were acquired by the International Animal Exchange and subsequently "Lost to Follow-up."

Miss Sunbeam II, Female Asian, SSP 460
Birth - ~05/1960, India
11/20/1963 - Audubon Zoo, New Orleans, Louisiana
07/22/1977 - International Animal Exchange, Ferndale, Michigan
Lost to Follow-up

Cookie, Female Asian, SSP 464
??? - Mecom Ranch World Wildlife Preserve, Laredo, Texas
07/26/1967 - Audubon Zoo, New Orleans, Louisiana
07/22/1977 - International Animal Exchange, Ferndale, Michigan
Lost to Follow-up

Audubon Park Zoo 01/1975

Although Circus Report says these animals went to the St. Louis Zoo, no elephants are listed in the Studbook acquired by the St. Louis Zoo from 1973 to 1986.

Miss Sunbeam I
Another confusion is Miss Sunbeam II is recorded arriving while Miss Sunbeam I was still at the zoo.

Miss Sunbeam I, Female Asian, SSP 461
Birth - Thailand
04/18/1960 - Audubon Zoo, New Orleans, Louisiana
08/01/1964 - Death
"[ This ] one is Mary and Sunbeam I with Herbert Hahn, long time Audubon elephant boss. Enjoy."
Courtesy of Joey Ratliff

The two animals would have overlapped at the zoo for nearly a year until the death of the first. No alternate names are given for either animal. Fortunately, Joey Ratliff corrects this error.

This one is pretty easy. Sunbeam was given to the zoo as a gift from the Sunbeam Bakery Co. in April of 1961. She died in Feb. of 1963. The zoo and Bakery were planning a two year "birthday" party when she died. The Sunbeam Bakery bought a replacement elephant and named her Sunbeam II. She arrived in Nov. 1963, was moved to IAE (Ferndale, Mich.) in July 1977 after killing the zoo's mammals curator. Her exhibit mate Cookie (#464) went with her, which brings you to the current elephants. Hope this helps some. Take care my friend. //Joey Ratliff, 06/17/2011

The departure of Miss Sunbeam II and Cookie is in question and their final origins sought.

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  1. From Jim Alexander:
    They never came to the STL Zoo. I'm sure you would have heard some "war stories" if they did. I know Charlie Hoessle did some consulting at New Orleans but I think that was before 1973. I enjoy the Circus Report but it's not the Federal Register.

    Ryan Easley:
    I understand , but sometimes the leads are better than flying blind :)

    Jim Alexander:
    Not saying it wasn't worth a try. Every once in a while you get surprised.


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