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Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Zoo/Aquarium Video Archive Project

As you can see by the attachment the zoo/aquarium is a very unique project that I am involved with. Would it be possible for you to include this PDF in your blog. If possible it would be very much appreciated. We are continuing to seek funding and PR for the project.

"What a great project this is. You talk about 'heavy hitters,' there are some real "big guns" involved with the project assuring it will be something special and of interest to anybody involved with or interested in zoo/aquarium history. Let's all help out this most worthy undertaking." //Wade Burck


  1. Dear Ryan, I very much enjoyed meeting you yesterday on the K-M lot. My compliments on your tiger presentation. No muss, no fuss, no furniture moving. Just very nice tricks (I don't like to say "behaviors")smoothly presented with the animals the stars. Very nicely done!! If I can ever be of assistance in your history of elephants, let me know. I was at Great America in California in the mid-70s where we had one of Ralph Helfer's elephants as well as Carol Buckley and Tarra which Smokey Jones had just broken. She was tiny-Tarra that is. Had Dondi at our Chicago park. At Circus World besides Axel's herd, Calcutta was retired(and passed) there; had a ride elephant we bought out of California that died after only a few months (when vet Danny Laughlin opened her up-he happened to be there at the time--her stomach was full of oranges--but she never looked healthy to me) and the Richter's scrawny Hungarian bulls. Saw Axel load out John for the last time in Lakeland and send him off to New Jersey rather than risk taking him on the road again. Sad day.
    God bless, be safe and have a great season.
    Rick Faber

  2. Rick,
    It was nice to meet you yesterday as well. Thanks for the stories and the compliments. I will be emailing you for some further information you spoke of here. John went to New Jersey? Calcutta died at Circus World? I am ready to learn more!

  3. Ryan, Thanks. Send me your email address and I will be happy to fill you in with what I remember about Calcutta and John and any others I was around.

    Rick Faber,


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