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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Candy Hitchcock Collection - Dahlip

Hi Ryan,
This is Dahlip and me. He was about 6 years old then. I have a really wonderful photo of Dixie and me which I will scan and send. I’ll dig around to see if I can find any others.

"I worked as an assistant to Bill Doss, the elephant trainer at the Crandon Park Zoo in 1974-75. I took care of 3 elephants. Seetna and Dahlip were a young pair that had been imported from India. Dixie was the zoo's first elephant and about 20 when I knew her."
Courtesy of C Hitchcock

Such a long time ago! I was totally immersed! Even bought a book from Ceylon – it was still called that – about the mahouts and how they trained the elephants.

Did you know that Doss – that’s what all of us zookeepers called him - started out training the big cats like you?

All the best.

Candy (Norton) Hitchcock

For further information:
"Bulls of Zoo Miami" at ShowMe Elephants

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