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Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Word From Our Sponsors

New changes have been made to ShowMe Elephants for improvements and ease of usage.

The site can now be accessed via a simple domain name

To contact the author, please send an email to

A Facebook page has also been created
>> http://www.facebook/ShowMeElephants

ShowMe Elephants would also like to extend the deepest appreciation to the following sites for their gracious and unrequested advertising.

Dick Dykes, "The Balloon Man"

Ken Young, "Circus Links"

Wade Burck, "Circus No-Spin Zone"

These three sites are credited with over 3000 visits to ShowMe Elephants. Credit should also be given to the faceless Google, with over 11,000 visits since our inception in September 2010 with discussion of the Tom Packs Elephants.

>> "Tom Packs Elephants" at ShowMe Elephants," 09/28/2010

The Tom Packs Elephants circa 1951 with Mac MacDonald.
"Alice", "Jean", "Mary", "Penny" and "Tommy" (female) in front.
Photo Courtesy of Buckles Blog 05/17/2009

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