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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from ShowMe Elephants. The first image features Have Trunk Will Travel, owned and operated by the most respected animal handlers and trainers in the country. The second two images were taken at the Kelly Miller Circus during our tour of the Natural State.


  1. Just so great and beautiful!! Miss Tai all decked out in her pretty head piece and basket!!! And your tiggers (like Pooh's friends) are so Strong, beautiful and wow!!!!

  2. Hi Ryan,

    Happy Easter.

    That great photo from Have Trunk Will Travel features KITTY rather than TAI.

    All the best,


  3. Thank you for the correction, Don!

  4. What are wrong with you people and this site----- the elephannts at have trunck will travel use extreme force and are cruel to their elephants-- look them up electric force and bull horns to make them do "tricks" for the selfish entertainment of people... you have n respect for animals how dare you write about your shitty research on circus elephants and animals ---have you looked up how the babies are taken from their mothers and stretched out to become more limber look it up on you tube there are photos and video and how the "circus elephants stand chained most of the day,,,when it nature they walk at least 90 miles an hour and how they stand in their feces when they travel on those horrible trains trucke you are a disgrace and everyone else who thinks "animals are happy and strong living a lonely islolated live standing on concrete and used to entertain us ... you all make me sick

  5. Anonymous,
    My oh my. I was hesitant to publish your comment, though I believe it deserves rebuttal after I had to spend more than the desired time re-reading this insult to the English language to understand what you are trying to say. You sling a lot of mud, not only at myself but human kind in general. Your bitter spite underscores your ignorant statements even more.

    I greatly respect animals and devote my life to giving the best care possible for my own. Please elaborate on my shitty research. Is there something I have not acquired enough information regarding? Are their errors? I always make the utmost effort to procure the finest details and note every time more information is sought for corrections and further records. I am sorry if I have erred; please correct me with specifics and I would be happy to amend them. My contact is TigerGuy[at], if you prefer to communicate more in a private setting rather than embarrassing yourself here.

    I will not bother getting into specifics to discredit ever individual statement you have made. Do not comment further if you are not solid enough in your own opinions to stand by them with a name instead of the shadows.


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