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Saturday, July 9, 2011

May All Your Days Be Circus Days - Ringling Brothers

Courtesy of "May All Your Days Be Circus Days" on Facebook:

"Ramon Esqueda presents his ponderous performing pachyderms in Ringling's Gold Edition, opening July 8 in Tupelo, Mississippi. The town is famous as the birthplace of the King himself -- Elvis of course!" //Jack Ryan


  1. I urge you to look at the truth of the cruel treatment of circus animals and become an advocate for humane rescue of these sad abused creatures who are denied their birthright to be free by men who only seek fame and/or fortune at the expense of these innocent captive victims.

  2. Anonymous,
    My animals are neither "sad," abused nor treated cruelly. Whether their "birthright to be free by men" is denied could be debated, but ShowMe Elephants is not the place for that. Here, the focus is on elephant record keeping. I do not work in the circus industry for the fame or fortune, but to the contrary my expenses are dedicated to my animals whom receive the best of care. You are entitled to your beliefs, but I'm not interested in the judgement you pass.


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