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Friday, March 11, 2011

Elephants of the United Kingdom

According to the, the largest online database of elephants in the world, the United Kingdom is home to 71 elephants, 15 of which are males. One individual travels with a circus, while another is a sacred temple elephant. The remaining animals are housed in zoos and safari parks across the country.

There are currently four breeding herds in the United Kingdom. Knowsley Safari Park and Howletts Wild Animal Park enjoy success with mating African elephants, while the Whipsnade Wild Animal Park and Chester Zoo both celebrate births of Asian elephants. The Colchester Zoo made history in 2002 with the first elephant birth via Artificial Insemination in the United Kingdom. There are no bachelor herds of male elephants in the country.

Howlett's Wild Animal Park boasts the greatest number of individual elephants currently held, numbering 15 at the present time. They are followed by the Whipsnade Wild Animal Park, which houses nine elephants.

The 'Compilation of Links' page at ShowMe Elephants is updated almost daily at the present time. To the best of knowledge available, an entire listing of elephant pages for United Kingdom holding institutions has been collected and is available for viewing.

'Compilation of Links' Excerpt
>> Belfast Zoo, United Kingdom
>> Blackpool Zoo, United Kingdom
>> Blair Drummond Safari Park, United Kingdom
>> Bobby Roberts Super Circus, United Kingdom
>> Chester Zoo, United Kingdom
>> Colchester Zoo, United Kingdom
>> Howletts Wild Animal Park, United Kingdom
>> Knowsley Safari Park, United Kingdom
>> Paignton Zoo, United Kingdom
>> Port Lympne Wild Animal Park, United Kingdom
>> Skanda Vale Temple, United Kingdom
>> Twycross Zoo, United Kingdom
>> West Midland Safari Park, United Kingdom
>> Whipsnade Zoo, United Kingdom
>> Woburn Safari Park, United Kingdom

A newborn Asian elephant stands with other members of its herd at Whipsnade Wild Animal Park on July 28, 2009 in Whipsnade, England.
Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images Europe

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  1. Bobby Roberts Super Circus retired their 58 year old single female Asian elephant Anne to Longleat Safari Park in early April. She was the last elephant to tour with a circus in the United Kingdom. The only privately owned elephant remaining in the country is 31 year old Valli, the sacred temple elephant of Skanda Vale.


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