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Sunday, August 21, 2011


I have come across a new elephant news blog titled "gorgeousingray: The latest on North America's African elephants!"

While I wait to come in contact with the author, the information shared takes after my own interests. Each story, complete with pictures, takes interest in birth, death and transfer events as well as analyzing statistics of captive elephant management.

Articles published in the last week include "Migration of the bulls," "Magic is happening at Disney" and "Lowry park zoo’s CRAZY love square," in addition to many others.

I look forward to seeing more posts from this user and encourage others to support "gorgeousingray" as well.



  1. I like the blog but until the owner publishes an "about me" and an RSS feed, I am a little wary of commenting there. Maybe you can share this info with them? Thx Ryan! Good to see you back from hiatus! Natasha

  2. Thank you so much for publicizing my blog! I've been following yours for months!

  3. Thank you, Natasha. Jackson has now posted an 'About Me' section and says he is expanding to Asian elephants, as well.


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