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Friday, December 23, 2011

Glen Oak Zoo - Dona

Found your site while researching this same subject for a Facebook group on Peoria. I have a postcard of a baby elephant standing with a trainer, the back of which is printed with the following:

"A recent addition here at Glen Oak
is Dona the Baby elephant
She's learning some tricks for her
very own show, a really outstanding event.
Glen Oak Park Zoo
Peoria, Illinois"

The postcard was never mailed and there are no dates on it.
The name is spelled "Dona" on the card, not "Donna".
The man in the photo is youngish and I don't think it is Joe Frisco.
I remember seeing this elephant at Glen Oak Zoo, but don't think she was there for more than a couple years. //Anonymous

This comment was submitted in response to the April 2011 ShowMe Elephants article, "Studbook Mysteries - Lincoln Park Zoo."

>> "Studbook Mysteries - Lincoln Park Zoo" at ShowMe Elephants, 04/12/2011

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