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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Baltimore Zoo 2010

The following photographs were taken in May 2010 at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. The facility exhibits five African elephants - females Dolly, Anna and Felix with males Tuffy and Samson.

Main exhibt yard w/ barn in background
Courtesy of R. Easley

Bull exhibit yard
Courtesy of R. Easley
Courtesy of R. Easley
Courtesy of R. Easley

The zoo's mature bull elephant Tuffy and a pregnant female Felix were purchased from Scott Riddle's private facility in Arkansas. Felix gave birth shortly after arrival to her second male offspring, Samson.

Felix & son Samson
Courtesy of R. Easley
Courtesy of R. Easley
Courtesy of R. Easley

Tuffy was recently featured on ShowMe Elephants with former herd mate Solomon at Riddle's Elephant Sanctuary in 2004.

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