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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sparks Casino - Angel

The following page was found in a July 1990 Circus Report, less than a year following the Sparks Casino's purchase of a year old female calf from Roman Schmitt's breeding program at Busch Gardens.

Circus Report 07/30/1990

The new calf was the first for 14 year old mother Sally and sired by 25 year old Vance. An AP photograph featured Sally and her daughter ( named as 'Dolly' ), born on December 30, 1989. The North American Regional Studbook lists a same date but lists an alternate name 'Alice.' In Elephant, The Publication of the Elephant Research Foundation, Vol 2 No 4, January 2000. p 65-71, the animal is named as 'Angel' but a birth date is listed as December 7. Confirmation of Angel's birth date is sought and an explanation regarding her naming.

Local news articles state Angel was donated to the Fort Worth Zoo in December 1999 to join the facility's breeding program. The zoo housed bull Groucho and numerous other females, including a one year old calf born at the location. Six years later, a second male Casey was brought in for breeding from Ringling Bros. Center for Elephant Conservation. By 2013, Angel still had not successfully birthed a calf. Groucho and a female were transferred to the Denver Zoo's new elephant exhibit and a new male replaced him. Also a former circus animal, Colonel arrived from Carson & Barnes Endangered Ark Foundation.

Colonel, Fort Worth Zoo, 06/2013
Courtesy of Fort Worth Zoo on Facebook

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