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Monday, July 29, 2013

Lakeside Park Zoo - Judy

A record compilation from the late Murray Hill's Animal Education, Protection & Information Foundation shares names of many elephants not found elsewhere. One such animal is Judy.

The records compilation date in April 1964 the young bull, about three years old, at Lake Side Park Zoo in Jefferson, Ohio. Jefferson, a small village with a current population of about 3,000, is located in the uppermost northeast corner of Ohio. No further information can be found regarding a zoo facility in this location.

The Mills Brothers Circus, owned by Jack Mills, wintered in Jefferson, Ohio, at the fairgrounds per Dan Brown of the Kelly Miller Circus. Mr. Mills purchased several elephants in the early 1960s, but none seem to correspond by name or date with the 'Judy' mentioned above. They include, from the Bob Cline records:
- Suzie, arrival 03/1961, died 04/25/1961 in Lowellville, Ohio
- Suzie, arrival 04/1962, died 05/30/1962 near Chicago
- Sophrina, arrival 1965, died 1965

The first animal is documented in a news article as acquired from Bangkok, Thailand, for $5,000 and flown to Jefferson while Mr. Mills was on rest in the local hospital.

The 1964 season, the year in question regarding the mystery elephant Judy, celebrated the 25th anniversary tour of the Mills Bros. Circus. The show "came out of Jefferson, O., fairgrounds quarters April 18 with the usual opening festivities and banquet. This was shortly after bulls and other features had been used in the Cincinnati Shrine show." Tom Parkinson mentions the prior in his review of the 1964 circus season, published in Bandwagon, Vol. 8, No. 6 (Nov-Dec), 1964, pp. 30-35.

Jim Elliot share a set of photos from Mills' 1964 season, but none include a baby elephant.

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More information is sought regarding this animal 'Judy.'

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