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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Wildlife Safari

The following photograph features the African elephant herd of Wildlife Safari in the early 1990s. A notation on the back, while lacking a date, identifies the young male George as castrated.

A former article at ShowMe Elephants discusses a large import group of elephants to the park from Africa in 1979.


Wildlife Safari
Courtesy of M Easley

George was named for and acquired from the George Carden Circus International, one of several animals acquired from the Arthur Jones herd, distributed through David Meeks. An elephant census published in a May 1987 Circus Report lists a herd of 13 individuals, consisting of Asian females and both male and female African elephants.
- Betty, Bimbo, Bonnie, George***, Gina**, Jack***, Jenny, Jessie, Joyce**, Judy, Linda**, Mike***, Vickie

A January 1987 Circus Report article, published four months prior to the census listing, also mentions a male African named George. It is unknown if this is the same animal. He was one of with 12 elephants animal trainer Mike Cecere in New Jersey - an Asian female, three African males and 8 African females. This was previously discussed on ShowMe Elephants.


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