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Friday, July 19, 2013

Planter's Peanut Company

A record compilation from the late Murray Hill's Animal Education, Protection & Information Foundation shares names of many elephants not found elsewhere. One such animal is "Cinderelephant."

The young bull is described as named in a contest won by James Vullo of Buffalo, New York.

A July 1973 Circus Report gives more information regarding this animal. The one year old Indian female was owned by the Planter's Peanut Company. In this "Name the Baby" contest, three prizes were offered to the winner: a live elephant, a trip to India or a $5,000 cash prize. Mr. Vullo chose the cash option with his choice ( given as a different spelling - "Cinderellaphant" ).

No further information is available regarding this animal.

What's gray and beautiful and wears glass slippers?


  1. Hi Radar, I'm no help in 1973 but by 1975, Circus Kirk was carrying the Planter's Peanut character with LISA the baby elephant being leased from D.R.'s herd. I think this was true in 1976 as well. I know LISA was there. I'm questioning the Planter's Peanut tie in because I wasn't there in 1976.

  2. Thanks Bob. I previously found a news article that Lisa first arrived to Dr. Boas' farm in East Berlin in May 1975 to join Circus Kirk. She is listed arriving to Carson & Barnes / DR Miller in 1972 in "Elefanten in Zoo und Circus - Dokumentation Teil 2: Nordamerika, European Elephant Group," 1996.


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