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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

George Carden Circus Int'l 1980s

The following photograph can be found at Angie's Circus City Diner in Hugo, Oklahoma. It was posted to the Circus Historical Society's Facebook page with a question to the identity of the show, animals and handlers. Veteran bear trainer James C. Hall answers the inquiry.

Taken at Angie's Circus City Diner
Courtesy of R Easley 01/2013
Carden. Looks like Bonnie, Jessie, Duchess, Vicky, Judy, Jenny, Betty and the names of the two male africans I do not remember but I helped John Pelton with one of them. He was an easily likable boy. He ended up at Donny Johnson's and yes, that is Dave Snyder and Joe Frisco. //JC Hall

Through Doug Terranova we learn that the two African males are Mike and Jack and they both went to Donnie Johnson. Mr. Hall shares the he believes the young male referenced above was Jack, "a very pleasing elephant to be around."

This photograph would most likely have been taken in the mid-1980s. An August 1986 Circus Report describes the following display on the George Carden Circus International.
- Ring 1 - Asians Vicki, Jenny, Jody w/ Joe Frisco
- Ring 3 - Bimbo, 2 yr. old Africans Micky, Jackie w/ Dave Snyder

It seems 1986 was the year George Carden purchased the remnants of the Hoxie herd ( those not with Allan C. Hill's Grest American Circus ). An elephant census published in a May 1987 Circus Report lists a herd of 13 individuals, consisting of Asian females and both male and female African elephants.
- Betty, Bimbo, Bonnie, George***, Gina**, Jack***, Jenny, Jessie, Joyce**, Judy, Linda**, Mike***, Vickie

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