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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mali at Zoos Victoria

From Zoos Victoria:

"Melbourne Zoo's first-ever Asian Elephant calf took her first big swim today. She has ‘graduated' from the paddling pool in the Cow Paddock via the deeper pool near the Bull Barn to the 4-metre deep pool near the Community Hall!

Elephant Keepers swam with Mali so she wouldn't be frightened of the deep water, while her mother Dokkoon and herd matriarch Mek Kapah browsed on some hay next to the pool." 02/01/2011

"Our one year old elephant girl Mali has a great time in the deeper Bull Paddock pool with her mum Dokkoon and her favourite Aunty Num-Oi. This footage was all shot by keepers Erin and Andy and gets you closer than ever to our herd as they play in the water and mud. You can hear a wide range of vocal squeaks, rumbles and trumpets as our girls, and baby boy Ongard, play together." 02/14/2011

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