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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bandoola (Inquiry for Book Enthusiasts)

'Bandoola' was written by J.H. Williams and published in 1952. Mr. Williams also wrote the classics 'Elephant Bill' and 'Big Charlie.' I remember reading Bandoola as a child and believe it was illustrated with heavy black line drawings of both wild and captive Asian elephants in their natural territory. Can anyone confirm if this is the book I recollect with these drawings? The drawings were strong but simple, many featuring large tuskers and females with calves.

Update 05/11/2012:

From Jim Stockley:
You are right, all of his books had line drawings in them ;-) Do you collect elephant books? Do you have a copy of Evans 1910 or Ferrier 1947? I think the illustrations in the Rupert Hart-Davis editions were done by Stuart Tresilian

"My family knew Jim Williams quite well and he used to visit us on Chipperfields. This is an autograph he gave to my mother."
Courtesy of J Stockley

"Here is one by Stuart Tresilian."
Courtesy of J Stockley

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  1. Hi, I am doing an assessment for a University Paper at the moment on the book 'Bandoola' which features Pitz's illustrations. I was browsing the internet trying to find information about his technique and I stumbled across this blog. I can't seem to find access to any of his books - even through my University Database! I was wondering if you knew anything about what technique he uses? How his illustrations are printed or reproduced in books etc? I would be so grateful!


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