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Sunday, May 20, 2012

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Zoo Plaisance once again exhibits elephants, acquiring two adolescent African elephants on January 3 from another French facility, Zoo de la Fleche. The half brothers, Pembe and Akili, were born in 2001 and 2002 to mothers Bahati and Norris, respectively, at Ramat Gan. Two months following their transfer out, la Fleche replaced the two African males with two more. Both of the 6 year old animals arrived on March 14 from Hodenhagen Serengeti Park in Germany, Boten (captive born at Ramat Gan in Israel) and Bou-Bou (captive born at Hodenhagen).

The Islamabad Zoo lost their 22 year old female Asian elephant, Saheli, on May 1. Her death leaves the facility with a single 31 year old male, Kawan.

"ISLAMABAD: A 22-year-old elephant gifted by the Sri Lanka government to Pakistan in 1991 passed away at Marghazar Zoo in Islamabad on Tuesday."
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Germany's Tierpark Berlin celebrated the birth of a male Asian calf to parents Ankhor and Nova on May 8. It is the third for the 19 year old female, captive born herself at the Taman Zoo in Indonesia in 1993.

"Birth weight 102 kg; Birth height 91 cm."
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Pregnant Douanita and her youngest daughter Tanya were transferred together from the Netherlands to the Czech Republic on May 8. She is due to give birth in January 2013.

"Douanita en Tonya, Rotterdam Zoo (Blijdorp)"
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Spain's Parque de la Naturaleza de Cabarceno celebrated the birth of their 15th calf on May 12. It was the first calf for 11 year old Hilda, who was also born at the facility with a no contact policy regarding their elephants.

"‎12 de Mayo 2012, nace un nuevo elefante en Cabarceno, es macho y deseamos tenga una vida plena."
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The 27 year old female African elephant Bully was transferred across Spain from Bioparc Valencia to the Barcelona Zoo in May.

"Bully es una hembra de 27 años, que proviene del Bioparc de Valencia."
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The 12 year old male Po Chin of Parc Pardisio has successfully naturally bred with 7 year old Annie and 13 year old Sandry, promising the Belgium park with Asian elephant births in March and November 2013, repsectively. All three animals were themselves captive born (Po Chin, Chester Zoo, United Kingdom; Sandry, Circus Knie, Switzerland; Annie, Taman Safari Park, Indonesia).

The Emmen Zoo's Htoo Kin Aye is pregnant, as is the Rotterdam Zoo's 9 year old Trong Nhi (due autumn 2013).


  1. You made a little mistake, Boten and Bou-Bou are both African males

  2. the elephant bully now at Barcelona . was originally privately owned by a guy in England and was
    used for tv work galas etc .She was then sold to Gerry cottles circus . Eventually sold to circus Mundialin Spain with the rest of cottles troupe of elephants .
    . Then moved to as mentioned Valencia .


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