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Friday, May 11, 2012

Indianapolis Zoo - Ivory and Zahara

The Indianapolis Zoo currently houses two breeding females in their African elephant herd, Ivory and Kubwa. Two year old Ivory joined eight year old Kubwa at the former site of the Indianapolis Zoo in September 1984 from the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, imported by the International Animal Exchange. In December 1987, the pair was moved the zoo's new site near downtown Indianapolis. These two elephants became the first two African elephants in the world to give birth via Artificial Insemination.

Zahara & Ivory, Indianapolis Zoo, 05/2012
Courtesy of R Easley

The Indianapolis Zoo gives the following description for Ivory:
Of all the elephants in the herd, Ivory is the youngest adult, and is a little smaller and rounder than the others. She has short, even tusks. Ivory is intelligent, athletic, and a very quick learner. She normally picks up new behaviors and routines quickly. She will occasionally be playful with keepers and the other elephants. When excited in the yard, Ivory is very vocal and active.

>> "Ivory,"

Ivory & Zahara, Indianapolis Zoo, 05/2012
Courtesy of R Easley

The Indianapolis Zoo celebrated the birth of Ivory's first calf, a male to be named Ajani, in August 2006. The second African elephant birth in the world conceived and born through Artificial Insemination, Ajani was sired by Maclean (who at the time was a resident of Indianapolis himself). The young bull was transferred to the Birmingham Zoo in May 2011 as part of a collaborative American Zoo and Aquarium Association effort to create a "bachelor herd" of males, similar to social groupings in the wild.

Ivory's second calf was welcomed in August 2006, a female to be named Zahara. Again history was made, recording the second African elephant in the world to conceive and give birth to a second calf via Artificial Insemination. Zahara was sired by the Jacksonville Zoo's bull Ali.

Zahara, Indianapolis Zoo, 05/2012
Courtesy of R Easley

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