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Friday, June 10, 2011

Brian Kohler Collection - Lion Country Safari

Retired elephant handler Brian Kohler has been gracious enough to share his photo collection with ShowMe Elephants. The first series of pictures to be posted features Lion Country Safari of West Palm Beach, Florida.

Stumpy, Ladybird, Bulwagi and Mama
Courtesy of Brian Kohler

Courtesy of Brian Kohler

"Collecting semen from Bulwagi at Lion Country. He was born at Lion Country in March of 1981. It was five in the morning when we did this." //Brian Kohler

Bulwagi, 1999/2000
Courtesy of Brian Kohler

"BULWAGI as a young calf at Lion Country in the 80's. The elephants in the picture are Perkins, a young bull. Bulwagi is standing next to his mother, appropriately named Mama and his father Peter. Peter was a huge bull who towered over all the other elephants. At this time the elephants roamed out in the preserve and were worked free contact. It was called section 6 where the elephants, rhinoceros and zebra roamed." //Brian Kohler

Lion Country Safari, 1980s
Courtesy of Brian Kohler

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