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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Directory of American Circuses

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One of the really huge parts of all this elephant record keeping is the circus titles and owners. many of these shows had the same owners but changed the titles. Floyd King had many a title out from year to year. Dan asked about Zellmer bros. then Schell bros. Same owners! This was George Engesser who was the father of GeeGee Engessor who was married to Bucky Steele for a while.

So I completely understand the mass confusion when it comes to ownership and titles. I would highly recommend getting a copy of Robert Parkinson's book "Directory of American Circuses 1790 to 2000". It's only available at the Circus World Museum and costs about 25.00. This is the Bible of all researchers for circus titles and owners. Granted some show titles are missing and some of the dates are off a year but for the most part, this will help make your life a whole lot easier. They have it available in Hardback and also in a flip type binder. You won't be disappointed on this one. There aren't any opinions or articles just facts.


I am very grateful to Bob Cline for pointing me towards this encyclopedia of circus history. It has been of tremendous help with the updating of, the largest elephant database online created by Dan Koehl. To purchase your own copy, you may click the image above or link below for the Circus World Museum.

>> "The Circus Store," Circus World - Wisconsin Historical Society

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