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Monday, June 13, 2011

Oregon Zoo - Rose Festival

Hi Ryan,
Thought you might enjoy this photo of the Asian elephants from the Oregon Zoo Facebook page.

Natasha Matza
Chicago, IL

"2010 Rose Festival Queen Victoria Dinu and Royal Rosarian secretary of state Gayle Whitehurst deliver organic, edible rose petals to the Oregon Zoo’s Asian elephant herd to celebrate the animals’ rosy future at the zoo. Photo by Carli Davidson, courtesy of the Oregon Zoo." //Oregon Zoo on Facebook

"Rose-Tu (right) and Samudra, granddaughter and great-grandson of the Oregon Zoo’s original elephant, Rosy, munch on hay strewn with rose petals during a visit by reigning Rose Festival Queen Victoria Dinu yesterday. Photo by Carli Davidson, courtesy of Oregon Zoo." //Oregon Zoo on Facebook


  1. Radar,
    "organic, edible rose petals!!!!" They are kidding, right? I bet if they put their heads together they could come up with a possibly more appropriate, less cheesy promotion then organic, edible rose petals.

    Wade Burck

  2. Wade,
    It was most likely to specify the rose petals were not left over from the plastic flower plant received at Christmastime.

    If you did not catch the story, the zoo is promoting a 'rosy' future for the Oregon Zoo's elephant herd, begun by their original elephant 'Rosy,' acquired in 1953. The zoo's current calf 'Samudra' was the first third generation elephant birth in the United States, his lineage stemming from Thonglaw and Rosy.

    Hence, "organic, edible lily petals" would not make as much sense.

  3. Radar,
    As much sense as "organic, edible rose petals" and a "rosy" future. Incredible to think that they pay advertizing/promotional folks big bucks to conceive something that a bright preschooler could come up with. You gotta love the world of double cheek kisses and glad handing.

  4. Wade,
    My guess to the basis of this promotional material is in response to the "International Day of Action for Elephants in Zoos." Activists around the world used the event to protest elephants in zoos last Saturday, June 11.

    It seems to be 'Elephant Awareness Week' across the country. We have already seen Portland's events. The Indianapolis Zoo was celebrating with their African female Kubwa and her "guest bathers, the Colts cheerleaders." Zoo Miami is hosting behind the scenes tours of the elephant facility and celebrating their Asian bull Dahlip's 45th birthday.

  5. AnonymousJune 15, 2011

    The Portland Zoo is located next door to the International Rose Test Gardens. It's an easy walk from the zoo to the gardens. They grow over 600 varieties of roses. The Portland Rose Festival has been taking place annually from mid May to early June for 104 yrs. Longer than the Rose Bowl!


  6. Radar,
    Where do you sign up for the "guest bather" deal with the Colts cheerleaders? That's a promotion I would like to have a go at during the "International Day of Action for Tiger Trainers in the Circus." See how quick you can get it set up, okay.

    Wade Burck

  7. Wade Burck has posted an article and more commentary regarding activists protesting elephant captivity at the Oregon Zoo at his blog, "Circus No-Spin Zone."


    Thank you for sharing. This adds a bit of light to the "rosy" scenarios promoted by the Oregon Zoo, along with the plethora of "organic, edible rose petals."

    I am still searching for the signup sheet; I think someone is hiding it from us. Once I have my go, I will call you up and let you know it is your turn.


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