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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mystery Photo - Belle Isle Zoo

"G’day Dan and Ryan, I picked the attached postcard at a post card show recently, any idea on date and name? Happy Days." //Wayne Jackson, Retired Wanderin’ Elephant Man

"Belle Isle was Detroit's first zoo, a menagerie. In the modern era it was an aquarium and children's zoo. I believe it was managed by the Detroit Zoo. Probably had baby elephants at Belle Isle and moved them to the Zoo in Royal Oak as they grew up if they didn't get moved elsewhere sooner." //Jim Alexander


  1. Ryan,
    Are you sure this photo is Belle Isle in Detroit the Colonies, or is it Belle Vue in Manchester, England? The howda looks very "European".
    Wade Burck

  2. Wade,
    No, I am not sure this was the Belle Isle Zoo. That was the name of the location given by Wayne Jackson accompanied with the picture. Thank you for your observation.

  3. G’day Ryan and Wade,

    I agree that the howdah definitely looks European, but according to the writing on the back on the card, it says Belle Isle!?

    Happy Days


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