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Saturday, April 2, 2011

San Diego Zoo Safari Park Map

From the San Diego Zoo Safari Park's Official Facebook page:

Our spiffy new map, along with our new wayfinding system, will make navigation throughout the Park a lot easier. Thanks to our talented design team for a job well done. Check it out:

From the San Diego Zoo Safari Park's Website:

If you would like to see elephants, you can travel to Africa, of course, but the easiest way to observe these mighty creatures is to come to the Safari Park! We have two large exhibit yards for our African elephant herd. The adults were rescued from Swaziland in 2003, where they were scheduled to be killed due to overpopulation in that area. Since then, we’ve celebrated the births of several new additions!

From the Elephant Overlook at the north end of Elephant Valley, you can view the elephant barns and holding yards, where the elephants go in the mornings when the keepers are cleaning the spacious main yards and hiding treats for the elephants to discover.

Elephants enjoy a dip in a pool of water, or at least like to get their feet wet. The large pond, shaded with trees, is for our elephants to do just that, and you can observe the action from the Elephant Viewing Patio, located at the south end of Elephant Valley. There are also shade structures made of simulated rock and plenty of room to roam. Our youngsters are especially fun to watch as they splash about or cavort in one of the mud holes. In fact, the little calves seem to entertain guests no matter what they’re up to!

When not at the Park, be sure to watch our elephants on Elephant Cam.

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