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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Giza Zoological Garden

From Peter Stolk:
Received this answer from Cairo:

"We still have one Asian Elephant "Karema".
She is 45 years old and came to Giza Zoo in 1967.
And "Naeema" the African Elephant.
She is 31 years old, came in 1983."

Another mail about former elephants is send!
Zoo Map, Giza Zoological Garden
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While updating the records of with the research provided by Mr. Stolk, more information was discovered utilizing the zoo's official website. Previously, only the zoo's two current elephants were listed in its collection other than four from the early 20th century.

The zoo's website states Naeema and her brother Shaker first arrived to Giza in 1983. They resided together for another 12 years until Shaker died due to illness. Shaker was added to

A 2008 news article discussing the zoo's recent attempts for self-improvement discuss a second keeper's death by elephant "trampl[ing]" following the 1993 killing of a keeper by zoo lions. Perhaps the culprit of the elephant attack was Shaker and his death can be attributed to this aggression rather than illness.

Another 2008 news article describes the zoo's "sole" elephant tethered by a 20-inch chain, the cause of a previous elephant's disability due to lack of exercise. However, an accompanying photo pictures an Asian female, discrediting the "sole elephant" description. Another "short chain" mention is included in a 2009 news article describing zoo keepers receiving "tips" for visitors to get their picture taken with their head in an elephant's mouth.

Karema, Giza Zoo
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In December 2010, zoo staff received training sessions for anesthesia & dentistry of zoo. During this collaborative effort with zoos from the United States, United Kingdom and South Africa, Naeema was anesthetized for a dental examination and removal of a partial remaining tusk.

Naeema, Giza Zoo
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"Elephant house at Giza zoo"
Courtesy of Kareem Abdel,


  1. yes, I do, the Giza Zoo, as well as all 7 governmental zoos of Egypt are runned by Central zoos director, there was another elephant in Alexandria Zoo, governmental, it died as stated in the article I have of 63 years old age, name is Karima too..... what does ISIS records state?

  2. his is about Karima, the elephant which died in Alexandria zoo, stated in the article she died of age 63 - the 2 remaining in Giza Zoo, are same age...... I remember when I was young, about 6 or 7, we went to the Giza Zoo, the Asian Elephant and African were used in riding tours, I am now 50 years old........January 2012

  3. Karema, the elephant in Alexandria Zoo, died January 2012. As per statement and press release by Alexandria Zoo Manager, the elephant was 63 years old.

  4. Can it be confirmed that Karema died in 2012?
    Is the african Naema still alive?

    On this article, from September 2012, an asian elephant can be seen, and theres comments about a chained elephant

  5. This article claim Karema died in 2016


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