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Monday, September 19, 2011

Zurich Zoo - Maxi

There is a long discussion currently occurring regarding a ShowMe Elephants article from several days past regarding Moto and Toto, two former Colchester Zoo / Dreamland's Safari Wild Animal Park elephants. Recent input has discovered a likely probability that the male Moto is in fact the Zurich Zoo's current breeding bull Maxi. Toto's current location was discovered to be the Toto of the Warsaw Zoo. More information and confirmation for these discoveries is sought.

>> "Safari Zoo - Moto and Toto" at ShowMe Elephants, 09/16/2011

Zurich Zoo, Maxi, 2010
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  1. he is maxi of zurich. No doubt about it, look at the features eye, ears, tusks, stance and the composure.

  2. Thank you for your comment. This picture is Maxi and was taken at the Zurich Zoo. The question was if gr was previously known as Moto at the Colchester Zoo and Dreamland. It was later determined they were not the same animal.


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