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Thursday, September 8, 2011

The National Elephant Center

From Jeff Bolling / "Elephant Managers Association" on Facebook:

"Call to action!

Go to the site and vote for TNEC to open in Fellsmere! Then contact your friends to do the same...officials are watching this poll."


The National Elephant Center, a collaborative project supported by elephant-holding institutions across the country, aims to build a $4 million, 326-acre facility for the conservation and management of both African and Asian elephants. Following setbacks for the facility's construction in St. Lucie County last January, the group is looking to locate itself in Fellsmere Country. The first phase includes "25 acres [with] a large barn with attached paddocks, a keeper work center and four interconnected pastures ranging from 4 to 5 acres each. Each pasture has ponds, mud wallows, dust bathing areas and shade, among other features."

More information regarding the facility's plans can be found at their website.

>> The National Elephant Center

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