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Friday, May 20, 2011

Feedback from Viewers

I received the following email yesterday from a viewer of ShowMe Elephants.

Hi Ryan,

I love your blog! I love elephants. Can you add a RSS feed to your blog? It would make it easier to add to my igoogle homepage!

Many thanks,
Chicago, IL

Thank you for your message, Natasha. I always appreciate feedback and comments. I have learned (after many attempts to add this option for you) that the blog is automatically enabled for viewers to subscribe to an RSS feed. If you scroll to the bottom of the page above the search box and ShowMe Elephants logo, there is text that states "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)." By clicking this link at the bottom of the page, it will open another window where you may select different options to add the feed such as My Yahoo! and Google.

Also, I have shortened the articles displayed on the main page to help the blog load faster. Under each new article, simply select the "Read More..." link to view the full article and pictures posted.


  1. I see it now, Ryan! Thanks!

  2. What I'm subscribing to, Ryan, are the comments instead of the posts? Can posts be added to your feed?

  3. Natasha,
    You need to subscribe from the main page which states "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)." At the bottom of each individual post's page is where to can select "Subscribe to: Comments (Atom)."


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