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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oklahoma City Zoo - Malee

From the Oklahoma City Zoo's Official Facebook Page:

"The results are in! With over 14,000 votes cast, Malee (May-lee) is the winner! Malee ran away from the rest of the competition and garnered over 72% of the vote! Thanks so much to everyone that voted!"


  1. Radar,
    Boy, that's right up there with Winky, isn't it. LOL I was reluctantly talking into a "name the baby tigers" contest once, and only once in 1978 on Hamid. After the publicists looked at a hundred Fluffys, Muffys, Bobs, and Ying Yangs, they decided on Big Whitey and Blue Eyes. When they came to inform me of their decision I just looked at them and said, "their names are Sulemon and Sabre. You can tell the folks what ever you want to tell them.
    Wade Burck

  2. Wade, the three options given to the public for voting were

    1) Malee, the Thai name for "flower" or "jasmine"
    2) Annika, a Dutch name meaning "favor" or "grace"
    3) Hanako, a Japanese word for "flower girl".

    The first choice was given a notation for 'keeper's choice.' I pointed out to Casey my dissatisfaction with captive-born elephants given the same name as an elephant already residing in the country, especially if the other is also captive-born! He pointed out the zoo is not concerned with keeping track of all them and probably do not have the intention of their elephant coming in contact with the other.

    48 year old Asian female Hanako resides at the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, Washington. 14 year old Mali was born into the Syracuse Zoo's captive breeding program and currently resides at African Lion Safari with an offspring of her own (though it appears the pronunciation is different).

    The same situation occurs with two captive-born female African elephants - 3 year old Zuri at the Pittsburgh Zoo and 2 year old Zuri at the Hogle Zoo. Both were sired by Jackson.

    How many of these "Name the Baby" contests have legitimate results regardless? I know of many that seem to have a coincidence with zoo personnel compared to a public choice.

  3. Radar,
    Imagine the ease if only a number was assigned, or better yet a registry in which a name had to be registered and could only contain a certain number of letters, and the name requested could not be used if the name had been registered previously, regardless of whether the requested name was living or dead.


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