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Monday, May 30, 2011

Giardino Zoologico di Milano

Wade Burck recently shared a vintage postcard featuring a female Asian elephant at the Milan Zoo in Italy.

Milan Zoo 1949
Courtesy of W Burck

Very little information regarding this facility is available. The location was not previously listed at, nor does Jonas Livet's have a listing of Milan. It does not appear any elephants residing in Italian zoos are included in the EEP's Asian Elephant Studbook. features to photographs of the same elephant, posted by user 'Fanaloka.'

Milan Zoo
Courtesy of Fanloka,

Milan Zoo
Courtesy of Fanloka,

Any information regarding this institution, its elephant history and the elephant featured in the above photographs would be greatly appreciated.


  1. When you look at my Facebook-account you can see the two postcards I have from Milan Zoo! One of the two, where the elephant has it´s trunk down, isn't issued by the zoo! (I have this one for swap available)

    At the right side of Wayne´s postcards is a sign. When I see it correctly the name SAMBA is the headline.

  2. Last week I recieved my first postcard of Torino Zoo showing 4 elephants!


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